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True knowledge💫

There is a thin line between information and knowledge. ‘Mujhe sab pata hai’ is different from ‘Mujhe sab aata hai’. And the day we understand this difference, we lay the foundation for a better tomorrow. Taken from the movie Youngistaan The other day I was watching this movie and was simultaneously completing my homework. I […]

Quote #1

People who attack on our secrets, emotions and weaknesses, are often the ones we confide in.

You are who you are❤

Hallo readers!! Howdy? So today I am here with my entry for Pavitra’s competition. This is my first attempt at free verse, and I ll be really grateful if you all could share improvements, suggestions and ideas, so that I can improve next time😄 You are unique,With Thee in your soul,No other is like you,Just […]

The Zodiac Book Tag!

Heya readers! So today I am here with a tag- The Zodiac Book Tag! Thank you so much Pannaga@Just Dreamland for nominating me and  creating this wonderful tag.😄 TBH, the tag’s real name is ‘The Zodiac Music+Book Tag’ but as you may or may not know, I do not listen to songs often and so […]


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Hey there ! I’m Avishi , a keen reader , budding poet and a SciMath fan . i also love playing piano . I have created this blog to share self-composed literary pieces . Hope you’ll like them and also give your valuable suggestions !

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