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Reblogged- Creativity wins Contest-By Anushka

Hey all!! I got some exciting news for you all and I can’t wait to share it with you guys. So I decided to host a 1 month competition with you all. Well this is going to be really fun!! And I know you would love doing it. Now let’s come to the rules of […]

We hit a half-century🤩💥

Yayyyyyyyy! Finally, the moment has arrived when I can proudly say that we’re a blogfam of 50🤩🥳🥳 Thank you soooooo♾ much for all the support you’ve given😘 Yayyyyy So, now that we have hit a half century, celebration is a must💥💝 And I need your help for this coz I want the celebration to be […]

A soldier’s tale

Away and astray, Here I lie; Away from love And astray from life. My kith ask me why, I do it all, I could stay happy in peace Away from all the brawls. Near my beloved, In the lap of my mother, In the garden with kids Or could feast with my brother. But apart […]

The Mystery Blogger Award

Hello readers. Hope y’all are keeping safe. Sorry for not being able to post on Tuesday😓 I was badly swamped with work, hope you understand. But today I am here with an award post- The Mystery Blogger Award… Mysterious me😎😆. Thank you so much Poorwa and IamSwiftWalker aka P for nominating me🤗 They are amazing […]


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Hey there ! I’m Avishi , a keen reader , budding poet and a SciMath fan . i also love playing piano . I have created this blog to share self-composed literary pieces . Hope you’ll like them and also give your valuable suggestions !

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