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A soldier’s tale

 Away and astray,
Here I lie;
Away from love
And astray from life.

My kith ask me why,
I do it all,
I could stay happy in peace
Away from all the brawls.

Near my beloved,
In the lap of my mother,
In the garden with kids
Or could feast with my brother.

But apart I fight,
For my fellow countrymen,
Here I stand,
Beware Opponent!

This is my fate,
My destiny
To guard and protect
And render calm sleep.

But if I collapse,
Into this sand,
And get martyred
For my motherland.

Tell my mother, I fought for her,
I know she won't cry,
But hold back her tears
In the pool of pride.

Tell my beloved, I fought for her,
I am sorry I could not meet her waiting,
But never shed tears,
Tell her to move on with life.

Tell my kids,I fought for them,
They should be brave and proud;
Papa's watching them forever,
So listen to your mom's sound.

Tell my brother, I fought for him,
Now my bike is his,
Take care of mom, give her all love;
And sometimes give the kids a goodnight kiss.
Image Courtesy-India TV news

A very happy Indian Army Day to all the brave soldiers out there. Thank you so much for protecting us and sacrificing your lives for us. Your sacrifice means a lot to us.🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻


Hello readers. I am Avishi, and I loves to read and write. I am a budding poet , an aspiring writer and a big SciMath fan. Schreibens from Avishi is a platform where I post my self-composed poems, stories and random writeups. Hope you like my blog, hit the follow button and share it.

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