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Book by me- eternal shades of life

Heya readers! Read my new book? If no, then check it out right now!

Book Description- Life, it reflects as many colour shades as you can think of. Sometimes it is bright yellow, with all situations under our control and smiling faces all around; at times it is red, with frustrating situations which make us lose our temper; sometimes it is purple, with overwhelming emotions and uncontrollable feelings; at others it glows a soft pink, when we tend to understand life and its beauty! Come and discover these everlasting hues of this infinite journey, life, in the form of poetry in ‘Eternal Shades Of Life’.

So now that you what my book is all about, do read the book and post your reviews. You can also drop down your opinions in the comments below! And what’s more, if you have the Kindle Unlimited Subscription, then you can read my book for free! Yep, you heard it right. And if you don’t have the subscription and are wondering what are you supposed to do, then don’t worry- you too can buy the book. Click here to check out the book !

Click on the cover to access the book!

Will meet very soon, till then

Happy reading and Tchüß


Hello readers. I am Avishi, and I loves to read and write. I am a budding poet , an aspiring writer and a big SciMath fan. Schreibens from Avishi is a platform where I post my self-composed poems, stories and random writeups. Hope you like my blog, hit the follow button and share it.

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